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The course is divided into three distinct sections: Essentials, Progressions, and Mastery.

In Essentials, Application Designer, the PeopleTools Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is demonstrated, it's sections identified, and how definitions are opened, and organized into Projects. The common steps of PeopleTools is described, and you go through each step as you begin to build an application.

PeopleTools Progressions expands on Essentials by introducing Translate Values as an attribute of Field Definitions, and how you can make effective-dated changes to these values. You'll discover the behavior of some of the common page controls, such as radio-buttons, drop-down lists, prompted value lookup, and Effective Dated prompt tables. You'll learn about Related Display fields, and how they are bound to Display Control fields. You'll also learn how to create a custom search view.

PeopleTools Mastery introduces how PeopleTools enforces Referential Integrity, Scroll Levels within a component, and the purpose of Derived Work Records in your development. You'll learn how to manipulate the behavior of page controls based on the values of other fields on the page. And you will learn event driven PeopleCode, the programming language of PeopleTools.

All of these concepts are learned and reinforced through the use of careful explanation and demonstration as you build a significant application directly on a PeopleSoft instance.


Here is a brief summary of topics covered in this training:

Section 1: PeopleTools Essentials
Lecture 01: Introduction
Lecture 02: Application Design
Lecture 03: Define Fields
Lecture 04: Define Records and Build Tables
Lecture 05: Define Page
Lecture 06: Define Component, Menu, and Register Component
Lecture 07: Test Application

Section 2: PeopleTools Progression
Lecture 08: Translate Tables
Lecture 09: Modify and Test Page
Lecture 10: Edit Boxes, Prompt Lists, Radio Buttons
Lecture 11: Effective Dated Translate Values and Prompt Tables
Lecture 12: Effective Dated Timeline
Lecture 13: Related Display
Lecture 14: Component Search View

Section 3: PeopleTools Mastery
Lecture 15: Review
Lecture 16: Application Design
Lecture 17: Define Page
Lecture 18: Debug with WinMessage
Lecture 19: Set prompts using Derived Work Records
Lecture 20: Component Build Process
Lecture 21: Component Save Process
Lecture 22: Test Component Save
Lecture 23: Calculate Totals
Lecture 24: Secondary Pages


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