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This Learn PeopleSoft Integration Tools course will provide you with all the skills needed to do PeopleSoft Integration easily and effectively. Over 53 lectures and 5 hours of content to walk you through each and every aspect of PeopleSoft Integration Tools.

Learn how to use integration to synchronize data between two systems. Expose PeopleSoft functionality to third party applications using web services. Understand SOAP and REST, understand XML and JSON.

You will receive code-samples at the end of each project. You'll have the opportunity to work along the lectures building the integration projects.

The course is based on PeopleTools 8.53, but you should be able to work with any tools version above 8.50.

All of these concepts are learned and reinforced through the use of careful explanation and demonstration as you build a significant application directly on a PeopleSoft instance.

Here is a brief summary of topics covered in this training:

Section 1 Getting Started

Lecture 01: Integration Concepts
Lecture 02: XML Basics
Lecture 03: XML Schema
Lecture 04: Message Definitions

Section 2: Publish Subscribe

Lecture 05: Publish and Subscribe
Lecture 06: The Finished Product
Lecture 07: Create a Rowset-Based Message
Lecture 08: Messages Can't Stand Alone
Lecture 09: Define a Service and a Service Operation
Lecture 10: Publish PeopleCode I
Lecture 11: Publish PeopleCode II
Lecture 12: Publish Unit Test
Lecture 13: Using Nodes to define external systems
Lecture 14: Outbound Routing
Lecture 15: Routing Path
Lecture 16: Process Subscription
Lecture 17: Inbound Routing
Lecture 18: Subscription Unit Test
Lecture 19: Bi-Directional Sync

Section 3: Provide a Web Service

Lecture 20: The Finished Product
Lecture 21: Project Design
Lecture 22: Event-List Service Operation
Lecture 23: OnRequest Handler PeopleCode and Service Operation Routing
Lecture 24: Create WSDL and Test Service Operation
Lecture 25: Event Get Service
Lecture 26: Test Service

Section 4: Document Technology

Lecture 27: Document Technology Introduction
Lecture 28: Document Builder
Lecture 29: Primitives
Lecture 30: Compounds
Lecture 31: Collections
Lecture 32: Enumeration
Lecture 33: Document Utilities
Lecture 34: Document-Type Messages

Section 5: Consume a Web Service

Lecture 35: The Finished Product
Lecture 36: A Public Weather Web Service
Lecture 37: Import a WSDL
Lecture 38: Modify Page and Set Code Structure
Lecture 39: Create a Function to call the Weather Service
Lecture 40: Create a Function to call the Weather Service (Continued) and Test

Section 6: REST Services

Lecture 41: Introduction to REST and JSON
Lecture 42: Rest GET
Lecture 43: GET Service Operation
Lecture 44: GET Handler
Lecture 45: GET Handler Continued
Lecture 46: DELETE Handler
Lecture 47: PUT Handler

Section 7: REST Consume

Lecture 48: Postal Code REST service
Lecture 49: Request / Response Documents
Lecture 50: Service / Service Operation
Lecture 51: Request PeopleCode

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