Course Content - Learn Application Engine

The Learn PeopleSoft Application Engine course is presented in two sections: Introduction and Lab Project.

The first section introduces the concepts of Application Engine. We cover the organization of an Application Engine program, How Sections, Steps, and Actions are used to control the flow of the program. We learn about each action type, demonstrating the use of each using a Hello World style program.

The second section of the course is a Lab. You can either sit back and watch as we create an application engine program, learning specific topics and techniques at each stage of the build. Or, you can follow along and create the application engine on your own PeopleSoft instance as we go along. Throughout the construction of the lab project, we will learn program flow and control structures, the usage of state records for passing information across program sections, and temporary tables to store intermediate data and allow for concurrent program execution.

We show how to set up your environment for tracing the program execution. At the end of this course, you will be fully capable of developing and maintaining application engine programs.

All of these concepts are learned and reinforced through the use of careful explanation and demonstration as you build a significant application directly on a PeopleSoft instance.

Here is a brief summary of topics covered in this training:

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 01: AE High Level
Lecture 02: Hello World
Lecture 03: Do While
Lecture 04: Do Until
Lecture 05: Do When
Lecture 06: Do Select
Lecture 07: SQL Action
Lecture 08: Peoplecode
Lecture 09: Call Action
Lecture 10: Log Message Action
Lecture 11: Review
Lecture 12: Section & Step Properties

Additional Reference Material

Section 2: AE Lab Project

Lecture 13: Review of Event Manager
Lecture 14: Lab Design
Lecture 15: Project Build
Lecture 16: Build Run Control
Lecture 17: Define Process
Lecture 18: Read Run Controls
Lecture 19: Temporary Tables
Lecture 20: Prepare to Populate Temporary Tables
Lecture 21: Load Temporary Table - Pass 1
Lecture 22: Load Temporary Table - Pass 2
Lecture 23: Complete the Program
Lecture 24: Test, Abend & Restart
Lecture 25: Concurrency

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